Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Look: 2008 Playoff Absolute Football


Boom. This set is going to rock out with its cock out. One of the best products of last year is definitely returning with a vengance. The cards look great, tools of the trade has been tweaked, and the RPMs are still a mystery. Condition was a big factor last year due the foil board that these were printed on, but my sources tell me that will be taken care of.

New additions that look good include the Gridiron Force subset with autos, and some new diecuts and other things for the TOTT subset that look pretty good. I saw that All Day was on the TOTT checklist, as expected, so I will be saving lots of b-day money to pick up the auto version of that card. Its going to be fucking amazing.

Bravo DLP, Bravo.

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