Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Cut Above

Everyone wants them, they are incredibly tough to pull from packs, some are worth more than your life, but should we hate the practice of making them? The concept of a cut autograph is pretty simple, just cut ‘em, paste ‘em, and pack ‘em. It has become a staple of the collecting hobby, and has even given collectors the chance at owning ink of their favorite dead players. PSA has been slabbing cuts since the beginning, but that is all they are, pieces of paper or card in a slab. Topps and Upper Deck have taken that to a WHOLE new level.


This summer, a card will be redeemed that makes me so fucking sick of this shit that I hope the person donates it to a museum when they get it. Despite most logical ideas of obtaining rare autos, UD has produced the cut of all cuts that contains all four presidents on Mount Rushmore. The signature redemption card is available in 2008 Premier Baseball and some other products that will be released later this year, all with staggering odds.

I didnt think this was possible - I was wrong.

Now, this card is a good fucking idea if you ask me (marketing wise), but I think its sick that we are supporting the damage and destruction of at least four documents from our NATIONS history – not just the sport’s history. I think it is MUCH more important to have a George Washington letter in tact than a cut glued to a piece of cardboard. That’s just me though.

In 100 years when our children’s children are living in an era dominated by a paperless world, shouldn’t we at least try to conserve as much history as possible? I know that eventually something will be cut up that shouldn’t have been, and people will eventually get mad enough to do something. Until then we are in dire straits when cards like the Mount Rushmore card are becoming more and more frequent.

Every year thousands of documents, checks, and other historical items are destroyed because Topps, UD, DLP and every other company wants to make a buck. Hell – Tristar cuts up other sports cards and uses those for cuts! Like I have mentioned with the historical jerseys that are torn to shreds for card purposes, I am beginning to think UD and Topps should think about what they are doing. Let’s focus on helping the preservation of the sports we love and less on making money. Of course, with some companies, we know they don’t care about anything but the almighty buck. Color me angry please.


  1. why in the world are they putting cards that have nothing to do with athletics whatsoever in there in the first place. Like you said. It is completely unnecessary for them to cut up documents, especially if it is not coming form an athlete. and you can stop talking about "the bandwagon" if I read or hear you say bandwagon I might kill myself.

  2. What would collecting be without bandwagons?