Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Look: SPX 2008 Football


Here is what the RC autos are going to look like for SPX 2008. I thought they were JUST OKAY last year due to the squashed pictures and busy cards with little room for the auto - this year seems much better. They have the rest of the sell sheet up at the normal website, but I thought this was the most important.

I specifically like the layout of these, but with all certainty, I will assume that all the jersey windows will only be completely filled in on the lower parallels much like last years. This is really the first card of the year that holds any value through the whole season, so I am glad they didnt schuck their duties on redesigning it - although I dont know if all the cards will be BRIGHT FUCKING BLUE, lets hope not.

On another note, looks like these cards will be numbered to 175 for the big guys rather than last years 299. That sucks major dick. Now most people wont be able to afford the box OR the cards. Thanks Upper Deck.

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