Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DLP Baseball - Gone But Not Forgotten

First off, Elite Extra Edition doesnt count. That isnt licensed.

Now that I have set my parameters, I want to pass a note along to DLP Baseball products:


I believe most DLP baseball products, like their football counterparts, were beyond good. Limited, Prime Patches, Diamond Kings, Prime Cuts, all were monsterously cool non-RC sets for an affordable price. Sometimes, late at night, I find myself searching eBay's long lonely pages hoping for a box of 2008 Prime Patches to bring light to my dismal world. Of course, most of the old products are still available, but getting a Dallas McPherson Auto Patch is not my idea of 150 bucks well spent. I need NEW BLOOD!

I know I would be one to drool over National Treasures Baseball, Diamond Gear, and Leaf Certified Materials 2008 - I know you would too. I think my need stems from my feeling that there are way too many RC based products in Baseball. Unlike basketball and football, the first year of a player is not usually spent in the big leagues, making it difficult to produce true RC cards. Besides, Chrome is king. It always will be in my opinion, so lets not throw Exquisite Rookie Crapfest out there for 200 bucks a pack instead of releasing a cool HOF or Star based product. DLP knew what they were doing, especially with sets like prime patches and prime cuts, which focused very little on the rookies of that year. That, my friends, is why I am dying for a rendezvous with a 2008 Leaf Limited Baseball case.

SIDEBAR: Whose bright fucking idea was it to slap this Rookie Card logo on shit? I laugh at them. I would really like to know why my eyes have to be scarred every time I pull out a Hanley Ramirez card from my packs despite him having cards for almost 5 years. Did Upper Deck get penis envy at Chrome and Sterling's giant prospect-wang? Must be.

I hope DLP gets enough money to force their way back into the market, maybe EEE is the first of many. Then again, with sets like Americana, maybe they are heading in another ridiculous direction:

Donruss "Super Bases Loaded 2: Game Used" is heading to a store near you!


Man, that 1/1 pixelated bat bat barrell is going to go for some serious coin!

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  1. The RC thing was thanks to MLB, actually. They're also the ones that have limited the number of products each company can bring out, which hasn't stopped them from brining out utter CRAP.

    Or maybe it was the MLBPA. One of the two.